The presence of readheads is so special only one nickname can't possibly suit them all. So we gathered numerous different names, some of them funny, other plainmean and yet another just so to give you an overall view on one of the most important problem in humankind history - how to call a readhead, if you meet one and what a certain name means (although some of them are pretty self-explanatory), if you are pushed in the corner to clarify it.

Here is a list of different names for readheads in alhabetical order:

* Agent Orange (after famous mix of herbicides, used as defoliant in Vietnam in 60s)

* Amber (this gemstone is actually fossilized tree resin)

* Andy Pandy

* Bluey (from 'blue', meaning a fight among Aussies, coming from the fact many Irishmen, known by read hair,  caused trouble in 19th century)

* Bonfire

* Bonzo

* Bush Fire

* Candle

* Carrot Top

* Cheeseball

* Cherry

*Chili Pepper

* Chucky

* Cinnamon

* Cochen (old Welsh for Readhead)

* Copper Head

* Copper Top

* Duracell

* Fireball

* Firetop

* Fire Extinguisher

* Flame

* Foxy

* Ginger (this nickname was widely popularized by animated TV series South Park)

* Goldilocks (below is an illustration by Leonard Leslie Brooke (1862-1940), published by F. Warne)

* Ketchup

* Matchhead

* Orange

* Ranga (short for Orangutan, nickname for read-head women popular among Aussies)

* Robin

* Ruby

* Rosetop

* Rusty

* Siren

* Tomato Top

* Torch

* Woody Woodpecker

Famous fictional characters with red hair:

If you need some further inspiration for finding a nickname for your favorite red-haired friend, we compiled a list of famous redheads from literature and other art and entertainement related areas:

Anna (Frozen)

This epic animated movie from Disney is losely based on H. C. Andersen's Snow Queen, his probably best fairy tale.


Another retelling  of the story by greatest fairy tale writer ever.

While Andersen's Little Mermaid didn't have red hair, Disney's adaptation (which is pretty loose, by the way) made the title character a redhead. This decision is very likely connected with her unconventional character, nicely matching lively and rare color of Arieel's hair.


Pippi Longstocking

Several actresses made memorable apperances in silver screen and TV adaptations of this immortal character by Astrid Lindgren. Let's limit ourselves only at Inger Nilsson from Sweden and Tami Erin from USA.


Olivia (Lego Friends)

Bloom (Winx)

Lilly the Witch

Vicky the Viking

Beaker (dr. Bunsen's Assistant) from the Muppets

Wilma Flintstone



Strawberry Shortcake

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Alphabetical list of real red-headed people:

Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) (5 May 1988-)

Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia (12 August 1904 – 17 July 1918)

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia (June 18 1901 – July 17, 1918)

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (4 March 1678 – 28 July 1741)

Axl Rose (born William Bruce Rose, Jr. aka William Bruce Bailey (February 6, 1962-)

Barbarossa (Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor) (1122 – 10 June 1190)

to be continued ...